Let’s Get Physical / by Simon Lewis


“Nobody remembers their first download” was the caption on a poster I saw recently with two people sitting down listening to a record. How true! I remember as kid getting lost in the sonic world of vinyl while reading the lyrics and pondering the artwork. So many fine memories. As we all know, vinyl has made a big revival for many of these reasons and is why I still like to buy Cds as well. There is still the ritual of putting it on and having physical artwork to experience and sometimes challenge your eyes with the small font sizes! Not to mention the far superior sound quality to mp3. 

Whenever I release and new album, much time is always spent with photographers and graphic designers to come up with something special that captures the mood of the music. For instance, the photo shoot for Escape with Andy Maccoll involved heading out to a salt lake just before sunset, and remaining there until dark to capture the stars. Sounds like a relatively easy plan, except it took weeks of planning and watching the weather to find our window. In the end it was all worth it as we got the shots we needed, while losing shoes in the ‘glue like’ mud on the salt lake, and freezing ourselves once the sun went down. So many stories like this surround all aspects of the process.

For the rest of June, in order to entice some of you fine people to ‘get physical’ again with my music, I am offering 30% of all Cds from my online store. Use the coupon code GETPHYSICAL at checkout to receive the discount.