Spring Waves Coming by Simon Lewis

Trudy and I are teaming up again for a Spring session of Pravana Waves on the 26th of November at The Moving Room. I will have some new music to play while Trudy gets you moving. You will come out of the session feeling truly uplifted and invigorated. Spaces will be limited so BOOK NOW.


Good Waves in March by Simon Lewis

"What is it that brought you to the mat today?" was the question Trudy asked as the class prepared for the Moving Flow class at the Moving Room on Thursday. Everyone has their own reasons, but the one I think we all share is that it makes us feel amazing and alive. I have had a few Thursday mornings where I am struggling after a late gig the night before, when it is a challenge to get it together to make the class. Time and time again I am rewarded for the decision to go.

I love my sessions at The Moving Room and I feel Trudy has a very special gift for translating the joy of yoga to those fortunate enough to 'get on the mat' with her. This joy led me to the initial idea of collaborating with Trudy and creating the Pravana Waves sessions. A fully immersive sound and visual yoga experience where you can lose yourself in the flow and come out at the end feeling revitalised and inspired. Come and join us on March 26th. 

The Moving Room, 55 Edward St, Brunswick 10.30am. 

Bookings essential HERE

Let’s Get Physical by Simon Lewis

“Nobody remembers their first download” was the caption on a poster I saw recently with two people sitting down listening to a record. How true! I remember as kid getting lost in the sonic world of vinyl while reading the lyrics and pondering the artwork. So many fine memories.

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Deep in The Night... by Simon Lewis

Deep in the night when I hear no sound

I hear my heartbeat slowing down

My minds released and free to wander

As I sleep... (lyrics from Sleep)

Except for this night when I had an espresso after a gig and was wired at 2am so decided to head down to the beach and take some shots with my new camera. A very peaceful and beautiful experience. This is my Stairway to Heaven.

mixed up emotions by Simon Lewis

It is a gorgeous day here in Melbourne today and perfect for riding your bike. My seven year old son had a ballet lesson in Fitzroy so bike seemed like the perfect transportation as we can ride on bike paths most of the way through the Edinburgh Gardens. We had a great morning hanging out, playing music and riding.

On the way home he was involved in a bike accident with another oncoming adult cyclist who ran into him as he was overtaking a lady jogging on the path. I was just in front of him as assumed he was just behind me but went wider than normal. The guy that hit him seemed a bit freaked out and stopped for a second to see if he was ok. The lady jogger then started telling him off for not being attentive enough and then started having a go at me for not making sure my son was right behind me. The 'barking' lady caused the male cyclist to leave the scene asap. I thankfully kept my mouth shut and took a few deep breaths while I comforted my son who had burst into tears. He is physically ok but was a bit shaken by the incident.

During all her ranting she forgot to ask if Laz was ok, just turned and jogged off. There was only time for her stop and be angry. What has this got to do with music I hear you ask?? Nothing really, it just made me think that if she was on a diet of some good chill out music and yoga she may have responded a little bit more compassionately.


the gems you randomly find by Simon Lewis

I have recently returned to my beloved studio to start work on some new music. In the process of looking around some old sessions and 'works in progress', I came across the string sessions from Circles I had forgotten that I wrote some string parts for Floating Downstream and loved hearing them all by themselves, beautifully played by Stephanie Lindner on violin and Anita Quayle on cello.

This led to a 'getting reacquainted' session with my studio toys and decided to make a track from it. The video footing is from a sunset I watched in Bunbury, Western Australia on the Amanaska tour in 2014. Hope you like it.

Stripping it Back by Simon Lewis

For quite some time I have wanted to to a full acoustic Amanaska show but haven't found the time or energy required to put a group together required to perform the tracks from Circles and Escape completely live. (no backing tracks at all). A good friend of mine and fellow musician Adam Simmons approached me about being involved with his latest project called 100.25.1.

I will be performing a handful of songs from Escape and Circles live with Adam on woodwinds and me on piano and vocals. Come down and check it out on Thursday November 26th at Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

"Melbourne’s live music scene is one of the best in the world. One reason for the strength of musical expression to emerge from Melbourne comes from the diversity and flexibility of its musicians to work across different scenes. One musician who exemplifies this is woodwind multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons. During November 2015, Adam will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more. "