Amanaska are

Simon Lewis - keyboards, didgeridoo, electronics

Janine Maunder - vocals website

James Richmond - percussion website

Vinod Prasanna - bansuri (Indian flute) website


additional members

Raleigh Williams - vocals website

Jacinta Caruana - vocals

Matt Stonehouse - middle eastern percussion website


Amanaska was formed in 2001 when he began experimenting with mixing elements of electronica with jazz and funk, then fusing them with various musical languages from around the globe he had ingested during years of overseas travel.


Amanaska’s Circles is a cultural feast of eclectic music for lovers of world fusion, and was recorded in the UK, USA, India and finished in Melbourne. This mid to down tempo album is a richly layered musical experience that blends organic sounds and electronica with worldly and spiritual influences. A supreme mix of female and male vocals and ethnic harmonies, with beautiful string arrangements, alongside earthy percussive elements and moody hypnotic rhythms and beats.


Tracks from Circles can be found on compilations around the world including the Buddha Bar Vol IX. Amanaska has recently composed 7 new tracks for a CD-DVD collaboration with the famous Buddha Bar in Paris. A new record is currently in the works for a 2011 release and includes collaborations with musicians from India, Greece and the Middle East.


Amanaska has performed all over Europe and North America with some of the highlights being the Notting Hill Carnival and touring the Balitc states. He supported Talvin Singh at his last Melbourne show and toured with Duncan Bridgemen from 1 Giant Leap. The current live show varies from solo to 8 pieces, and features the best of Melbourne’s world music community, combined with some of the original recordings and live visuals.


Amanaska has recently been working with Musica Viva creating an exciting new music in schools program utilising the multi-media and cross-cultural elements of the group.

software Simon uses

Live by Ableton

Logic Pro 9 - Apple 

Lemur - iPad app by Liine

VDMX 5 by Vidvox for visuals

TouchOSC remote control app on iPad


Nord Stage 2

Access Virus TI desktop

Metric Halo 2882 + DSP

Faderfox FT3