Make It Better session for Garageband on iPad can downloaded from here

Can also be opened in Garageband on computers using the latest version

Sleep multitrack files in mp3 format for use in any multitrack music program can be downloaded from HERE

Below is a tutorial video on how to import these files into your iPad.

The next tutorial show you how to import these files into Garageband on the iPad to start making you own mix.

Here's a great tool for teachers to keep students on task while working on Garageband projects on the iPad. A very simple way to lock the iPad into only one App.

When we do the schools shows I often get asked about my set up. Here is what I see behind the rig on the opening track 'Circles' of the schools show. I am playing piano from the Nord and triggering synth sounds from the Virus,  and controlling effects live for the vocals, didge and bansuri.

You can download the sheet music for the song Sleep as performed by Amanaska. HERE