Good Waves in March / by Simon Lewis

"What is it that brought you to the mat today?" was the question Trudy asked as the class prepared for the Moving Flow class at the Moving Room on Thursday. Everyone has their own reasons, but the one I think we all share is that it makes us feel amazing and alive. I have had a few Thursday mornings where I am struggling after a late gig the night before, when it is a challenge to get it together to make the class. Time and time again I am rewarded for the decision to go.

I love my sessions at The Moving Room and I feel Trudy has a very special gift for translating the joy of yoga to those fortunate enough to 'get on the mat' with her. This joy led me to the initial idea of collaborating with Trudy and creating the Pravana Waves sessions. A fully immersive sound and visual yoga experience where you can lose yourself in the flow and come out at the end feeling revitalised and inspired. Come and join us on March 26th. 

The Moving Room, 55 Edward St, Brunswick 10.30am. 

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