mixed up emotions / by Simon Lewis

It is a gorgeous day here in Melbourne today and perfect for riding your bike. My seven year old son had a ballet lesson in Fitzroy so bike seemed like the perfect transportation as we can ride on bike paths most of the way through the Edinburgh Gardens. We had a great morning hanging out, playing music and riding.

On the way home he was involved in a bike accident with another oncoming adult cyclist who ran into him as he was overtaking a lady jogging on the path. I was just in front of him as assumed he was just behind me but went wider than normal. The guy that hit him seemed a bit freaked out and stopped for a second to see if he was ok. The lady jogger then started telling him off for not being attentive enough and then started having a go at me for not making sure my son was right behind me. The 'barking' lady caused the male cyclist to leave the scene asap. I thankfully kept my mouth shut and took a few deep breaths while I comforted my son who had burst into tears. He is physically ok but was a bit shaken by the incident.

During all her ranting she forgot to ask if Laz was ok, just turned and jogged off. There was only time for her stop and be angry. What has this got to do with music I hear you ask?? Nothing really, it just made me think that if she was on a diet of some good chill out music and yoga she may have responded a little bit more compassionately.