A French Flavour for Bastille Day / by Simon Lewis

It's been almost ten years since I finished work on the second Amanaska album 'Circles'. The song 'Sleep' has appeared on many compilations around the globe since then, and had almost 600,00 plays on one YouTube clip posted from Buddha Bar Volume IX.

The inclusion on the Buddha Bar compilation led to me being invited to compose 6 new tracks for a project called Buddha Bar Ocean.

I flew to Paris for 10 days for the final production days and enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the George V Records crew and their fine restaurants (my favourite being the Buddha Bar of course).

Paris has always been one of my favourite cities so what better way to mark the 10 year anniversary of this song than to release a French version for Bastille Day 2015.

Raleigh Williams worked on the French translations and delivered a wonderful vocal performance in the studio a few weeks agp.

The track is available now from the online store or worldwide on iTunes soon.

Enjoy, Simon

La Nuit Cover Art

Buddha Bar Ocean

Three years after the birth of the buddha-bar Nature concept, Allain Bougrain Dubourg and the George V Records team form an alliance, for our listening pleasure.
More specialized, more worked, but still magic and dreamy; buddha-bar Ocean takes you in an aquatic travel around the world; from the unique marine depths of Brittany’s coasts to the impressive breaking Australian waves.
On the video side, more than 500 hours of footage were edited to keep only the best: 12 video clips (of approximately 3minutes 30) from the of Nature Productions team.
On the music side, different artists from the four corners of the world have collaborated to form a bunch of thousand aromas: Amanaska (Australia) signs 6 titles more appealing one than the other. Daniel Masson also worked hard to make two new gems.
This prestigious alliance offers us a wonderful DVD, with incredible images ringing the alarm to save our planet. Let us react and act!

Buddha Bar Ocean Cover