Stripping it Back / by Simon Lewis

For quite some time I have wanted to to a full acoustic Amanaska show but haven't found the time or energy required to put a group together required to perform the tracks from Circles and Escape completely live. (no backing tracks at all). A good friend of mine and fellow musician Adam Simmons approached me about being involved with his latest project called 100.25.1.

I will be performing a handful of songs from Escape and Circles live with Adam on woodwinds and me on piano and vocals. Come down and check it out on Thursday November 26th at Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

"Melbourne’s live music scene is one of the best in the world. One reason for the strength of musical expression to emerge from Melbourne comes from the diversity and flexibility of its musicians to work across different scenes. One musician who exemplifies this is woodwind multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons. During November 2015, Adam will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more. "