New Buddha Bar release / by Simon Lewis

I have the pleasure of having Gandhara from 'Escape' opening the latest release from Buddha Bar in Paris which is released worldwide this week. You can purchase it here

Born in 1996, Buddha-Bar has been the ultimate reference of Lounge Restaurants and above all of Lounge music compilations around the World. With the creation of a Hotel Collection under the same brand name, Buddha-Bar confirms its vision of Lounge and signs a new edgy and modern music collection: Buddha-Bar Hotel. 

Retaining the Lounge & World DNA, the new compilation selected by DJ Ravin (Buddha-Bar Worldwide executive DJ), marks a turn in the story of the Buddha-Bar compilations with an atmosphere even cosier and more elegant but still as enchanting as ever. 

This Buddha-Bar Hotel opus will feature jazzy notes as well as world and electronic sounds that have made George V Records famous for more than 15 years. Bands such as Thor or Amanaska will be featured as well as some new ones like Sachmode, Rampue or Marlon Hoffstadt.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, embark on a Chic & Zen journey, pure pleasure !