Yoga Grooves mp3 download


Yoga Grooves mp3 download


Simon Lewis is a man of many talents. As Amanaska he has produced Panorama and Circles - two upbeat, world fusion albums filled with hypnotic rhythms and lush grooves. And under his Pravana umbrella he has produced Yoga Dreaming, Yoga Mystique, Eastern Meditation and Yoga Meditation - four bestselling relaxation albums with a more tranquil ambience. Yoga Grooves is a magical cross between Simon's two personas. It is a stellar collection of tracks taken from the previous four Pravana albums and then given the unique Amanaska remix treatment. Perfect for use in yoga practices, fitness classes or just chilling out to some world grooves.

introducing Yoga Grooves - remixes by Amanaska

Track listing with tempos in bpm


Uluwatu - Amanaska Remix  87bpm                         

Garuda - Amanaska Remix   88bpm

Mudita - Amanaska Remix   96bpm

Inner Rhythms - Amanaska Remix  115bpm

Chandra - Amanaska Remix  115bpm

Floating On The Nile - Amanaska Remix   116bpm

Pilgrims Lament - Amanaska Remix 120bpm

Ha-Tha - Amanaska Remix  120bpm

Sacred Mountain - Amanaska Remix  120bpm

Niranjana - Amanaska Remix 88bpm

The Sea Temple - Amanaska Remix 68bpm

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